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Newsflash: Security Hardened Travel Modem/Router - Security with any data plan

25.09.22 11:03 AM By Craig - Comment(s)
We are delighted to announce a new range of encrypted modems based on the encryption reactor found inside the DB Series.

If you have found yourself in constant need of high security, high performance data then previously the options were limited to a encrypted SIM. Now you can get the same benefi...

Introducing the G-Series

08.09.22 11:16 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

When Omerta went online 2 years  ago I never envisioned to be sat, 24 months later, dusting down a new range of devices with bespoke features & a unique aesthetic. Yet here we are, a new day for Omerta has arrived.

The Titan Range has served our customers well & over the past two y...

Active USB Reset function - A true, proactive answer to the Cellebrite question

29.07.22 10:12 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

 Active USB Reset function - A true, proactive answer to the Cellebrite question

With the recent news highlighting how Celebrite provides next to no respect for other peoples data (see this article) we were requested to write a custom function which resets a handset if a computer is attached to ...


15.05.22 11:46 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

At Omerta we are always looking at ways to improve both customer service & security; be it through the technology we sell or by the processes we adopt.

One key area overlooked by others is that of staffing. In any business you can expect staff turnover & staff gossiping. Staff will talk, be i...

Site update underway

04.03.22 01:37 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We have a new range of products about to go live & as such the site is currently set to browsing only. We are still open for business and can be contacted at [email protected] 

Incorporating cutting edge security & delivering hardware which is in use already by heads of state, ce...

Panic Button - Remote Control Wipe via Bluetooth Emergency Button

24.02.22 11:58 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Remote Control Wipe via Bluetooth Emergency Button

One of the issues when an emergency wipe is required most notably the panic with trying to remember where your phone is whilst under duress. Wouldn't it be great peace of mind to know you could be within close proximity of your handset & wipe it ...

New Flagship Phone & Data Only SIM Launched

07.02.22 12:30 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

We've had an incredibly busy few months at Omerta & today we are proud to announce the launch of two new product - The Titan Ultra, our new flagship smartphone built around the Pixel 4 & a new service - An Encrypted Data Only Sim card. The latter benefits clients who need the privacy af...

NewPipe update to 0.18.2

27.09.21 03:21 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

A recent update to Youtube had a less than positive knock on effect to the app NewPipe. On attempting to playback content from Youtube an error shows up and video playback fails. 

To resolve this issue open F-Droid and locate NewPipe & update it. Version 0.18.2 rectifies the problem so you c...

Half price on encrypted SIMs plus new plans available

26.08.21 05:42 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We are pleased to announce after years of operating as a reseller of encrypted Sims, that we have cast off the shackles of a middleman meaning we can now offer our encrypted sim card service at half the previous price! Yes, thats entirely correct - this is not an offer; not a limited time deal, but ...

How can a DBS Phone behave like an Encrypted SIM when on a normal network?

16.08.21 10:24 AM By Craig - Comment(s)
Great question, isn't it! This is the question we've been asked repeatedly since introducing the new handset. Given the unique and clever tactics employed by a Encrypted SIM also requires a privately owned network, how can the handset offer the same privacy benefits using a normal sim card?

I'd l...

New Standard Feature - Biometric App Locking

04.03.21 05:11 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Whilst our stance on biometrics for locking your phone is not great – we simply do not recommend it; this does not mean biometric security is not useful.

Omerta doesn’t recommend fingerprint or facial recognition to unlock a device because it’s too easy to be physically coerced by bad actor – either ...

You can now pay by Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Revolut Transfer

07.03.20 07:17 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

We are currently testing out a new payment mechanism which will allow us to take international payments via bank transfer, credit/debit card & via Revolut payments.

If you wish to use one of these methods simple choice Pay by Invoice & you will receive a link alongside your invoice. This also...

"Evolutionary Leap" in Secure Phone Technology following successful Joint Venture

27.11.19 07:00 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

 Introducing the DB Series

We are delighted to have a finalised and launched to the public our new range of secure handsets. Affectionately known as the DB Series, we have a three tier range comprising of  the entry level DB-V (pronounced DB-5); Mid range DB-9 & the super exclusive DB-X...


10.10.19 01:08 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Omerta Infiniti is our new range of devices based on the Samsung Galaxy range of mobile devices & offers clients an alternative to the Googles Pixel range. Utilising a suite of cutting-edge technologies to deliver both privacy & security, the Infiniti range offers significantly enhanced priv...

In the top ten percent of over Half a Million websites...

19.08.19 01:23 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Either Shopify understands Hubris & was toying with me or Omerta had an excellent result from our announcement regarding Omerta v2.0 - The story is in the top 10% of ALL stores hosted by Shopify (this is over Half a Million).

Keep your eyes peeled as this week will see it all come together and th...

Update on app issue: Fix for Aurora App Store

22.02.19 11:50 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

A number of clients have emailed the helpdesk to advise the app market Aurora has either not allowing them to login or, if they can, then failing to allow searching of apps or installing/running updates.

The issue affects all users across the entire service so I have reviewed the issue  and docu...