Introducing the G-Series

08.09.22 11:16 AM By Craig

When Omerta went online 2 years  ago I never envisioned to be sat, 24 months later, dusting down a new range of devices with bespoke features & a unique aesthetic. Yet here we are, a new day for Omerta has arrived.

The Titan Range has served our customers well & over the past two years I've lost track of the compliments & tales of averted disasters thanks to a Titan. With that said, technology moves forward & both Sharon & I felt a dramatic change was needed to keep the service fresh & in focus. The past years innovations was largely internal & focused on our business processes; making phone builds faster, or developing a knowledge base to support our clients or adding AI to front line support.

Step forward the new G series; Omertas better, safer & more private interpretation of what a security hardened & privacy enhanced handset should be.

The G-Series presently comprises of the G-1 & GQ however in the near future we will also be releasing a G6 (based on the new Pixel 6).Built to the exacting standards laid out by Google, the G-1 & GQ feature both Anti Tamper Chip & the Enterprise grade Titan M chip. Whilst sporting the best security hardware on Market, they also benefit from modern screens with reduced borders, a punch hole camera on screen to reduce the chin & ultimately both handsets have a more modern aesthetic in line with current trends.

 Whilst the equipment is based upon tried, tested and proven hardware, we have once again opted to use GrapheneOS as the high end solution for mobile privacy & security. This has truly bloomed & is now both a secure OS suited for all types of security/privacy & an excellent usable OS in its own right.

 The old adage, "if not broken dont fix it" could have shaped our future but I'm a firm believer that "a mans grasp should exceed his grasp" . I wanted more from our line up, so utilising client feedback  & many months development we are proud to show our own bespoke work work in harmony with GrapheneOS.

The new Omerta Control Panel is the first phase in delivering tools that are built inhouse to meet & exceed clients expectations.The new control panel focuses on ease of use to provide a number of rapid responses  to start a device wipe whilst also incorporating our now famous anti snatch lock. A much sought after Duress Wipe has been included and it is planned to push out an update bi quarterly so new features become a regular thing. Despite the new technology pushing boundries we still offer a serverless doctrine meaning a handset in the wild cannot be easily traced by bad actors.

We are delighted to highlight our new GQ series can be further customised with our new phone wraps. WE stock 37 different finishes which means over 7500 combination of phone wrap exist meaning your Omerta can be as unqiue as you. 

All these new chanangfeges means the website is under a constant state of change presently & if you find something is not where you expect it then drop us a message as it most likely only a temporary change. Pricing is correct; & support can still be sought from [email protected] 

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