Half price on encrypted SIMs plus new plans available

26.08.21 05:42 PM By Craig

We are pleased to announce after years of operating as a reseller of encrypted Sims, that we have cast off the shackles of a middleman meaning we can now offer our encrypted sim card service at half the previous price! Yes, thats entirely correct - this is not an offer; not a limited time deal, but an entirely new price point for OmertaNet. 

Packages have been slashed with up to 50% off all subscriptions. This means a 6 month package which previously was £1249.99 is now £849.99.

More than a price drop - new subscription lengths too...

Besides lowering costs we can also offer much more flexible subscriptions. You can now get a 30 day subscription for under £200 or opt for a 3 month plan rather than a 6 month. 

ESIMS available as well!

Yes, you read correct. We can also supply electronic sims - that is a SIM card which is in the format of a QR Code. Provided your handset supports ESIM, you can scan the QR code & your phone will immediately join OmertaNet & benefit from all the same features as a physical sim card except you do not need a physical sim card for the phone. 

This is great news for those who want greater privacy & prefer their choice of SIM was unknown to anyone who finds their phone. Because no physical Sim is required, should you erase your device under duress, you can also wipe the SIM too. 

Besides heightened privacy, ESIMs can also be emailed or sent by picture message. This means no more waiting for shipping as we can send an ESIM instantly. 

Finally, you can also convert any Samsung Galaxy to an Omerta Infiniti by QR Code. This means you can now get a fully secure handset with encrypted SIM card entirely over the internet & have no need to wait for shipping. Simply scan our QR codes to easily reprogram your phone & install the securest encrypted SIM available!

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