"Evolutionary Leap" in Secure Phone Technology following successful Joint Venture

27.11.19 07:00 PM By Craig

 Introducing the DB Series

We are delighted to have a finalised and launched to the public our new range of secure handsets. Affectionately known as the DB Series, we have a three tier range comprising of  the entry level DB-V (pronounced DB-5); Mid range DB-9 & the super exclusive DB-X (pronounced DB-10). Besides achieving greater security & more effective privacy, we have been able to reduce operating costs by enabling privacy features without the need for an encrypted sim.

Almost every phone on the market (including our own G series) are based on consumer grade handsets which are re-programmed offering much greater security. However the DB is far more than a civilian handset; it is a military/intelligence agency standard handset on the consumer market.

What makes the DB Series so secure?

Whilst its contemporaries are repurposing consumer designs we have been sourcing true counter surveillance handsets which are actaully used by heads of state, intelligence agencies, elite business people, celebrities & now you!

Every DB handset has its hardware replaced with hardware from Samsungs Military Division - this in turn makes them far stronger at deflecting hacker attacks, protecting your data if in a bad actors hand. 

What is the Encryption Reactor?

To compliment the hardware, the DB series also sports its own proprietary encryption chip called the Encryption Reactor. This ensures everything you allow off the phone is encrypted to the highest standards & allows for realtime encryption of data  thus ensuring data in only decrypted  for the briefest of moments.

The Encryption Reactor is a secondary device inside the phone. This environment consists of:

  1. the DB Processor
  2. DB Super Encryption Engine
  3. encrypted SRAM
  4. encrypted ROM 

By incorporating a specialist encryption toolset the handsets security is increased exponentially, giving you greater peace of mind.

How are the operating costs reduced?

Rather than requiring a secure  encrypted SIM to communicate over the phone network; you can achieve similar levels of privacy by using a standard Data sim. This means over a two year time frame, total cost of ownership is far les than equivalent G6 & SIM card.

Can I read more?

For more information about the DV Series please download our new introduction to DBS documents