10.10.19 01:08 PM By Craig

Omerta Infiniti is our new range of devices based on the Samsung Galaxy range of mobile devices & offers clients an alternative to the Googles Pixel range. Utilising a suite of cutting-edge technologies to deliver both privacy & security, the Infiniti range offers significantly enhanced privacy & security over the consumer Galaxy range by unlocking the security hardware that is traditionally locked off to consumers.

Infiniti has been in development for over 8 months & due to the flexible nature of the software design we can offer clients a much wider range of choice, with Infiniti being available on Flip, Fold & Tablet devices. Whats more, the technology is so robust we can offer it to existing Samsung phone owners meaning you can convert your own device, both saving on cost & avoid risky shipping whereby Customs can intercept a device and add costly duty onto the final cost.

OmertaNet Infinity Digital Download - Converts your Samsung into an OmertaNet ready device

Owners of a Samsung Galaxy device (from Galaxy S20 onwards) can convert their phone to an Omerta Infiniti with Encrypted SIM by purchasing a conversion kit. This consist of 2 QR codes - one containing the Omerta Infiniti OS & the second with an Electronic SIM, bound and ready for OmertaNet.

Converting your handset could not be simpler - you factory reset your Galaxy & on the immediate setup page, input a special command to activate a QR Scanner. By using this to scan our special code, your phone will then begin to reconfigure itself. The entire process takes about ten minutes & requires no additional technical skills beyond scanning our code.

Once complete you can then scan our ESIM to install your encrypted SIM, thus achieving a fully secure Omerta Infinity handset with encrypted sim.

This innovative new delivery method means no issues with international shipping or costs associated with importing high value items. The full security solution can be delivered electronically, by secure messenger app or email.  Because we use QR code, the actual files are tiny yet the end result is a device as secure as if we had built the device in house & shipped it to you.