Panic Button - Remote Control Wipe via Bluetooth Emergency Button

24.02.22 11:58 AM By Craig

Remote Control Wipe via Bluetooth Emergency Button

One of the issues when an emergency wipe is required most notably the panic with trying to remember where your phone is whilst under duress. Wouldn't it be great peace of mind to know you could be within close proximity of your handset & wipe it without even touching the phone?

We have recently developed an innovative panic button in the form of a blue tooth button that can fit on your key ring & trigger an emergency wipe simply by clicking it five times in quick succession. This immediately triggers a factor reset & encryption key wipe, rendering any data recovery chances to nil.

The function can also be bound to a Smart Watch on request however because battery life on these devices is poor we felt the panic button was a much better option whilst the form factor means the button is both discreet & easy to carry on a set of keys.

For a limited time only we are offering a free clicker with all new phones. Each clicker is programmed specifically for each phone, meaning one clicker cannot erase several phones. Each clicker has a effective radius of upto 10m. The video below was taking during development  & you can see the devices in action. Note the prefered click rate - approximately 1 click a second triggers the function.