New Flagship Phone & Data Only SIM Launched

07.02.22 12:30 AM By Craig

We've had an incredibly busy few months at Omerta & today we are proud to announce the launch of two new product - The Titan Ultra, our new flagship smartphone built around the Pixel 4 & a new service - An Encrypted Data Only Sim card. The latter benefits clients who need the privacy afforded by our Encrypted SIM technology but who don't make normal phone calls. 


Titan Ultra

Our new flagship phone is absolutely stunning and sports a number of upgrades over the Titan Extreme. Besides improved performance, the Titan Ultra sports a stunning new screen which has an incredibly high refresh rate, which, in laymans, means the screen feels super responsive. 

Running on GrapheneOS, the Titan Ultra has all the security benefits associated with the Titan range & truly is a phone that you can use as a daily driver when not being used for confidential communications.


Data Only Encrypted SIM

We are proud to announce our Encrypted SIM technology can be bought with Mobile Data only enabled. This means you can benefit from anonymous, private internet without your location being tracked by network providers. The service has been priced aggressively to make the technology as accessible as possible with prices starting at £299.99.