15.05.22 11:46 AM By Craig

At Omerta we are always looking at ways to improve both customer service & security; be it through the technology we sell or by the processes we adopt.

One key area overlooked by others is that of staffing. In any business you can expect staff turnover & staff gossiping. Staff will talk, be it to friends or colleagues. At Omerta we acknowledge that our clients are sensitive about their privacy & they don't want to discuss their requirements with just anyone. 

Ever since we introduced live chat, it became obvious that clients appreciate being able to visit the website, ask questions & receive a prompt reply. This is an area we've seen considerable growth & the service is well received. However I don't feel it is appropriate to staff live chat with entry level employees because they would become privy to details which they might divulge to others if they leave their post. Put simply "Loose lips sink ships".

A key part of our business model is to manage growth by the adoption of technology rather than increasing staff, which becomes a risk to clients. So to meet that challenge we've developed a new Virtual Chat Agent we affectionately call The Wiseguy. Just like Apples Siri or Amazons Alexa, The Wiseguy uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms & advanced machine learning so he can serve up answers to all of your queries! Of course, you can always chat to Sharon or myself at any point, if you feel he isn't meeting your needs!

As a new system, we are having teething issues & hope customers can be patient as we iron these out! The Wiseguy will only get better as time goes on & he can  already answer pre sales questions plus assist with troubleshooting. And he will never become disgruntled & disclose your secrets! 

To further refine our business & become more efficient, we are also pleased to announce a new customer self service portal & helpdesk, based upon ITIL principles. The self service portal contains a plethora of help in understanding and using your Omerta products & we hope clients appreciate this new service to support their privacy journey.

Users can log helpdesk tickets by emailing [email protected] or by visiting

In future developments we expect The Wiseguy to be available via our website, Facebook Messenger & Whatsapp. Also we want to support additional languages too.