How can a DBS Phone behave like an Encrypted SIM when on a normal network?

16.08.21 10:24 AM By Craig
Great question, isn't it! This is the question we've been asked repeatedly since introducing the new handset. Given the unique and clever tactics employed by a Encrypted SIM also requires a privately owned network, how can the handset offer the same privacy benefits using a normal sim card?

I'd love to say simple - but its far from that. Read on & all will be revealed.

So I can get unlimited, cheap local data plans & still enjoy Encrypted SIM benefits?

That is exactly a what we mean. The DBS range can utilise standard commercial sim cards whilst delivering superior security and services at a lower total cost of ownership. Free yourself from re-ocurring cost and focus on what matters to you.

What threats are you talking about?

Bad actors will deploy a number of privacy invasive tools to obtain information about their targets life. The main threats consist of:
  1.  Accessing the handset by IMEI Catcher - These tools allow a bad actor to listen into your calls, read SMS & monitor your where abouts.
  2. Location Tracking - Not only can a targets location be found by IMSI Catcher but:
  3. Triangulation: Networks can triangulate their position between cell towers by collating information from neighbouring cell towers. This can be done historically e.g old data is used to show a targets whereabouts in the past or in real time i.e. current targets location.
  4. GPS: It is possible to activate the GPS under some circumstance via silent SMS. Very accurate.
  5. Metadata - The context of what a person has been doing - the number they used to make a call, the number they called, their home details, their friends details. Their social circle. This can be both extensive and incredibly invasive.

How does the DBS combat these?

For each threat a suitable counter has been developed; it makes using a handset a joy to behold because the costs are that of a simple local sim card with all the benefits of a modern tariff.

IMSI Catcher: The handset utilises a number of tricks including utilising a applet which passes variables used to share IMEI information to the cell. By modifying the variables used in the applet it become impossible to match the IMEI to the phone, giving immediate problems for an IMSI Catcher.

Further more, to fully neuter the IMSI Catcher threat, the level of encryption in use means an attacker would have nothing but garbled data should they intercept the phone signal.

Whilst Encrypted SIM is designed to mitigate the risk by connecting to the second most powerful cell tower. An IMEI Catcher works on the principle that its the strongest

The DBS range discards the mitigation route so you can benefit from a more powerful phone signal. Instead the DBS range relies upon it innovative encryption so any bad actor intercepting the signal has a data stream that is unreadable & servers no benefit whatsoever.

Location tracking through a mobile device is a common tactic for providing location data. The BDS range combats this through the following tactics:
To prevent GPS location tracking the DBS incorporates a GPS Jammer working across all common frequencies (CDMA, GSM, 3G, 4G LTE, 4G, 5G).

For the ultra security conscious we can remove the GPS altogether.

Cell Towers normally harvest data from connected devices. This data includes MMC (country code), MNC (carrier code), LAC (a code of a current cell) and cell ID (unique cell tower ID). The DBS withholds this information.

This also prevents triangulation & renders the device almost impossible to lock on to.

Wifi routers can be used to augment GPS signals to refine location data further. The DBS will also withhold passing variables on to nearby hotspots to further ensure your privacy.

Meta data can be collected on normal phones. Since calls are made via commercial network, details such as phone number, person called, ;length off call. gets collected. Our Encrypted SIM mitigates these issues by using random number substitution.

On the DBS a owner can hide their caller ID. This protects their details from not only the caller recipient but also the network provider. This means any itemised bill will show the call as being from an Unknown person and because of point 1; you cannot identify the phone which made the call.

The DBS offers a superb suite of privacy tools without the need of an Encrypted SIM. This makes the DB range an enticing purchase for users who require an encrypted SIM for prolonged periods. It also makes Data SIMs more accessible, local numbers a simple task & call quality significantly better.

If you want to learn more about the DB ranges then visit our online store or drop us a line on +447828492095