• 6 Ways to Burn.
    ​Meet bRIGHTBURN6.

    Maximum Security
    OmertaNet Ready
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6 ways to Burn.
Meet Your New Burner.

With access to OmertaNet out of the box, our limited edition handset with a large screen, exceptional battery, and six emergency wiping options. Stay connected, enjoy a great viewing experience, and have peace of mind knowing your data is secure. All this at a price that's right.

6 ways to burn

The BRIGHTBURN6 offers six efficient methods to wipe your device, providing multiple options for securely erasing your data in case of an emergency.

OmertaNet Access Included

To maximise security & privacy BRIGHTBURN6 comes preloaded with an OmertaNet SIM.

£599 Limited Edition Omerta Security Phone

World class security AND huge screen, long life battery, 50MB camera & Dolby Atmos sound at an amazing price.

6 Security erase functions

With the Brightburn6, we've prioritized your safety and security by incorporating six reliable emergency wipe functions. In case of unforeseen circumstances, such as a lost or stolen device, you can swiftly activate these wiping options to protect your sensitive data and personal information. 

Duress PIN Erase

A secondary PIN code used on the screen lock page. When used the handset initiates a factory reset.

SMS/Message Erase

Remotely erases a handset on receipt of a predefined keyword sent via SMS or internet based messaging app.

USB Intrusion Wipe

For the ultra security conscious there is a USB Wipe function. Plug a standard power supply in and the device will charge. Plug in a computer & the system resets.
Tik Tok, Mr Wick!

On-Screen Panic Button

Because everyone's requirements are different we include a number of on device panic buttons which can be disguised in a variety of creative ways.

Failed Logon Erase

Factory reset can be set to activate after a predetermined amount of failed logons.

Dead Hand Switch

Factory reset can be pre-programmed to occur if a successful logon has not happened within a predetermined amount of days.

Includes free OmertaNet SIM card with 100 Voice minutes 

Maximum security as standard

Root of Trust

Root of Trust establishes device integrity through hardware-level checks, secure components, and cryptographic keys, ensuring protection against attacks.

Trusted Boot

Trusted Boot, a feature of the Knox Platform, secures mobile device boot processes by identifying unauthorized and outdated boot loaders. It ensures only validated components run and offers device health assessment. Knox Verified Boot expands Android Verified Boot to enhance boot-time security.

Real Time Kernel Protection

Omerta Infiniti's Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) defends against kernel threats, ensuring data security and integrity. It works with Periodic Kernel Measurement (PKM) and is considered industry-leading.

Omerta Attestation

Omerta Attestation detects compromised devices, ensuring secure mobile apps. It uses trusted hardware, certificates, and signatures for reliable health checks. If a compromise is found, access to enterprise resources is blocked. Omerta Attestation offers protection and device-specific results.

Advanced App protection

We provide various device configurations to balance security and user preferences. Modes like COBO, FMDWP, Separated Apps, WP-C, and BYOD offer different levels of control. Knox-enhanced work profiles on Omerta devices offer advanced management features for secure work profiles.

Additional Security Features

  • Bluetooth, NFC, Location Tracking, GPS, USB Port & Internet Sharing: For maximum security the BRIGHTBURN6 has all access points removed or blocked as standard. 
  • De-Googled & de-Samsunged: For enhanced privacy the device has all Google & Samsung Apps removed & open source App stores are provided.
  • Enforced access management: The BRIGHTBURN6 incorporates tough access management rules to prevent a weak pin being implemented.
  • Hardware-Backed Keystore: This feature is a hardware-dependent claim. All Omerta Infiniti devices have keystores backed by hardware protections.
  • Secure Lockdown on Tampering: Upon detecting critical security compromises, the system locks down sensitive areas, preventing unauthorized enterprise data access and leakage. When there is evidence of device tampering, Omerta prevents users from accessing the data in a work profile or on a fully managed device. To unlock the device again, one needs to factory reset the device, which wipes out the data inside.
  • Keystore Support of eSE & Other High-Security Storage: Numerous services require credentials for access. They include Wi-Fi, VPN, email, and websites. In order to safely store sensitive credentials, developers need to write new credential storage code for any new storage hardware. Omerta provides a plug-and-play framework for credential management across a variety of hardware, eliminating the need to develop in-house credential management implementation logic.
  • Sensitive Data Protection (SDP): SDP keeps data encrypted while a work profile or fully managed device is locked, even during runtime when other solutions decrypt data.
  • Enforced Two-Factor Authentication: Enables IT admins to force end-user two-factor authentication for logging in to a work profile or fully managed device. Two-factor authentication is done through a combination of biometrics (fingerprint and iris) and more traditional means (password, PIN, pattern).

Outstanding camera for every day 

Amazing 50MB Camera for all OCCASIONS

Capture unforgettable moments with crystal-clear detail using the powerful 50MP Main Camera. Transform your photo gallery into a treasure trove of creatively captured memories.

Power that keeps you going

The BRIGHTBURN6 features a robust 5,000mAh (typical) battery, providing you with hours of uninterrupted usage. Its AI power management system intelligently adjusts to your habits, ensuring long-lasting power without the need for frequent recharging.

Storage and speed you can count on

Galaxy A04 combines Octa-core processing power with up to 3GB/4GB of RAM for fast and efficient performance for the task at hand. And add up to 1TB more with microSD card.

Go beyond the ordinary listening experience with Dolby Atmos

Simply plug in your headphones and you’ll be transported to the middle of your music and movies. With Dolby Atmos, you'll hear sound that's full, loud and seems to surround you in the scene.



£599 for BRIGHTBURN6 with free OmertaNet.

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