Enhancing Data Security

 6 Powerful Emergency Wipe Features for Unrivaled Data Protection

In an age where data protection is of utmost importance, Infiniti takes pride in offering a range of products that prioritize the security of your valuable information. With the utilization of Omerta Knox security suite, our Infiniti range ensures that your data remains protected through world-leading technology. However, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur, potentially leading to your handset falling into the wrong hands. That's why we have incorporated a suite of advanced security features to mitigate any long-term risks associated with unauthorized access and ensure the safeguarding of your data.

6 ways to wipe - Explained


Duress PIN Erase

As an additional layer of security, our Infiniti range provides a Duress PIN Erase feature. This secondary PIN code, when used on the screen lock page, initiates a factory reset of the handset. By inputting this unique code, you can ensure that all valuable data on the device is erased, preventing unauthorized access.


On-Screen Panic Button

Recognizing that individual security needs vary, our Infiniti range includes a selection of on-device panic buttons, creatively disguised for your convenience. These buttons offer quick access to emergency features or specific actions, allowing you to take immediate steps to protect your data and personal safety.


SMS/Message Erase

In the event of a lost or stolen handset, our Infiniti range offers a convenient and effective solution. With the SMS/Message Erase feature, you have the ability to remotely erase the handset by sending a predefined keyword via SMS or internet-based messaging apps. This swift action ensures that your data remains secure even if the physical device is compromised.


Failed Logon Erase

To further enhance data security, our Infiniti range incorporates a Failed Logon Erase feature. By setting a predetermined threshold for failed logon attempts, the device can be programmed to initiate a factory reset, preventing unauthorized access to your data after multiple unsuccessful login attempts.


USB Intrusion Wipe

For those who prioritize ultra-security, our Infiniti range provides a USB Intrusion Wipe function. By simply plugging a standard power supply into the device, it charges as expected. However, if an unauthorized USB connection, such as a computer, is detected, the system triggers an immediate reset, protecting your data from potential breaches.


Dead Hand Switch

In order to mitigate the risks associated with prolonged unauthorized possession of the device, our Infiniti range offers the Dead Hand Switch functionality. This feature allows you to pre-program the device to perform a factory reset if a successful logon has not occurred within a specified number of days. By taking this proactive approach, you can ensure that your data remains protected, even in prolonged periods of absence or loss.

Take control of your data.

At Infiniti, we understand the paramount importance of data security in the modern world. Our Infiniti range, built upon the foundation of the Knox security suite, provides industry-leading protection for your valuable data. Additionally, our advanced security features, such as Duress PIN Erase, SMS/Message Erase, USB Intrusion Wipe, On-Screen Panic Button, Failed Logon Erase, and Dead Hand Switch, further bolster the security of your handset. With Infiniti, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your data is shielded by state-of-the-art technology and a suite of comprehensive security measures.