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25.12.22 12:32 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We recently introduced an anti snatch feature on Omerta handsets - a simple mechanism that utilizes the accelerometer of the phone to monitor for rapid movements which could indicate the phone has been snatched out of your hand. If triggered, the app immediately locks the phone.

Whilst I envisioned t...

Choosing the right phone for you

15.10.22 07:30 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Understand  your risks

When choosing an Omerta handset we recommend taking a simple risk assessment to identify your requirements. Understanding the level of risk helps establish your needs & you should be asking questions such as:

  1. Could you be considered a high-value target for potential hac...

Enjoy Social Media - Safely access Facebook

18.09.22 04:31 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

It breaks my heart when people want to use social media on their privacy-enhanced handset however the truth is that this is an important area for many people &, as part of Omerta's commitment to continually enhance our customer's experience, we now can recommend an app for allowing safer access ...

Signal Private Messaging - How secure is secure?

19.08.22 08:19 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Secure, encrypted messaging & calls

What to choose

A question often levied towards Omerta is "how secure are voice calls & messages on an Omerta handset"? The answer, which I say with absolute confidence, is "bulletproof"!

When I began my journey of designing a secure p...


21.06.22 03:12 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Internet Access – Configuring your Smartphone

If you purchased internet access alongside your encrypted SIM card, it may be necessary to configure your access point. Use the instructions below:

Settings for R profile (standard)

  1. Go to mobile data settings (slide down the top menu & press then hold o...

INCIDENT REPORT: Omerta Security SIM having problems with R1 profile

10.04.22 03:29 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

What is this message about? Omerta Encrypted SIM users have been experiencing erratic behaviour & in some cases have complete loss of service. This message discusses the issue plus provides mitigating steps to fix the problem.

Who does this affect?  This only affects Omerta Encrypted SIM use...


24.03.22 01:08 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

A lot of visitors to Omerta question the cost of our Encrypted SIM service, stating they can buy a similar service at a fraction of a cost. Why is this?

Quite simply put - not all services are equal. The Omerta Encrypted SIM card is a high performance security solution designed to protect the user. C...

NewPipe update to 0.18.2

27.09.21 03:21 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

A recent update to Youtube had a less than positive knock on effect to the app NewPipe. On attempting to playback content from Youtube an error shows up and video playback fails. 

To resolve this issue open F-Droid and locate NewPipe & update it. Version 0.18.2 rectifies the problem so you c...

Understanding risk: How your phone can breach your privacy

17.06.21 10:13 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Understanding your phone's security

Omerta provides secure handsets that utilize leading-edge security, both in the provision of best of breed hardware designed by the world's finest minds & software which is considered so secure White House officials use it for secure communications.

This does no...

Aurora Updated to v4 - Fixs login issue

10.01.21 01:01 AM By Craig - Comment(s)
At Omerta we have championed Aurora as a brilliant replacement to Googles Play Store. Aurora allows users to log into the Google Play Store anonymously to browse, install & remove any app on your phone.

The true beauty of Aurora is allowing access to the entire eco system for none Google hand...

Re-Google a Degoogled Phone! Accessing Googles services safely

27.08.20 04:41 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

As the title suggests,  instances may exist when you want to use Googles services even though you operate a handset which has Google PlayServices removed.

I recommend one of two approaches for this; both of which provide effective solutions without the hindrance of Googles far-reaching data grab...

Configuring your Encrypted SIM Card for internet access

21.06.20 06:40 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

The instructions below guide you through configuring your smartphone to work with an Omerta SIM card. The process can be broken into 3 distinct steps:

  1. Changing your profile
  2. Selecting your network provider
  3. Creating an Access Point Name

Each step takes a minute or so to complete and are similar to what mi...

SYSTEM RESTORED: Omerta Security SIM R1 Profile restored

25.03.20 09:29 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

What is this message about? This message is to advise users of the Omerta Security SIM service whom are experiencing issues with the R1 profile. The R1 profile has now been corrected and service restored.

Who does this affect?  This only affects Omerta Encrypted SIM users who use the R...

Hi-jacking your SIM - the fallacy of 2 factor authentication

26.07.19 11:27 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

2 step factor authentication - aka 2fa is often touted as the defacto standard for protecting access to your digital life. From Gmail to AMazon & all over in between, its common place to use your mobile phone as part of the login mechanism. Because lets face it - who on earth would have both you...

Installing apps on your phone

09.06.19 08:12 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

One benefit associated with the Omerta range of phones is your ability to configure your device and add your own applications if you so choose. All handsets come with 2 Android Market applications which enables you to easily find, install & update applications.

Android application compatibil...

No, Cellebrite cannot hack Signal on your Omerta!

28.04.19 01:18 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

This week Israeli company Cellebrite made the audacious claim that they could decrypt Signal Private Messenger. 

Cellebrite said that it had developed the Physical Analyzer to access data on Signal, which it said would help its users "uncover digital evidence and create court-ready exhibits...

Update on app issue: Fix for Aurora App Store

22.02.19 11:50 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

A number of clients have emailed the helpdesk to advise the app market Aurora has either not allowing them to login or, if they can, then failing to allow searching of apps or installing/running updates.

The issue affects all users across the entire service so I have reviewed the issue  and docu...