INCIDENT REPORT: Omerta Security SIM having problems with R1 profile

10.04.22 03:29 AM By Craig

What is this message about? Omerta Encrypted SIM users have been experiencing erratic behaviour & in some cases have complete loss of service. This message discusses the issue plus provides mitigating steps to fix the problem.

Who does this affect?  This only affects Omerta Encrypted SIM users whio use the R1 profile.

What has happened? During scheduled maintenance, our service provider has encountered technical issues with a recent upgrade. The issue has affected the R1 profile used by users in the UK, Canada and a number of other countries.

What is the impact: In most cases users will not notice any issues but in a small number of cases users have total loss of service. The profile tool is used by our SIM cards to login onto the phone network & it is used to pass authentication details to network providers. You can read more about profiles on our knowledge base -

Is there anything I can do to fix this? Users in the UK & Canada can switch to the R6 profile until R1 has been fixed. Instructions to change your profile can be found here -

When will R1 be corrected: Repairs are scheduled for end of business tomorrow (Sunday 4th April)

Who can I contact for more advise? For further help and advise please contact the Help Desk on [email protected]