Enjoy Social Media - Safely access Facebook

18.09.22 04:31 PM By Craig

It breaks my heart when people want to use social media on their privacy-enhanced handset however the truth is that this is an important area for many people &, as part of Omerta's commitment to continually enhance our customer's experience, we now can recommend an app for allowing safer access to Facebook.

Called MaterialFBook, you can download this lightweight "wrapper" from F-Droid using the following link: https://f-droid.org/app/me.zeeroooo.materialfb

The app itself will ask if you wish to give it permission to your location & I personally deny permission for this. You can see from my screen shot that the app gets denied access across the board so your privacy is protected in as much as the only data leaving the handset is what you post on Facebook yourself!

The app uses Googles design framework called Material & the app looks polished & really doesn't feel like a compromise.