Standard Features across entire Omerta range

The Omerta range of handsets comes with a full and complete range of security features designed to protect your data, your communications & your privacy.

All Omerta handsets feature a custom made anti tamper hardware chip designed to prevent tampering & data extraction via the USB port. Google designs these chips with the sole intention of reducing the footprint available to attackers to gain access to your data. This chipset, in combination with GrapheneOS & further Omerta customizations ensures every handset delivers robust security.

What is Military Grade Encryption?

When we talk about military-grade encryption, we mean a cipher which is so complex, for a modern supercomputer to break it would take over 6 million years.

The Omerta Handset uses military-grade encryption for all communications and the device itself is encrypted to this standard.

What features does it have?

  1. Military Grade Encryption: All handsets incorporate military-grade encryption for communications & for data stored on the handset.
  2. Anti-hacking security: Omerta handsets use hardened source code to deter, prevent and protect itself from hackers. This includes hackers who have physical access to the handset.
  3. Full device encryption (File-based): Should your handset fall into malicious hands, the handset is encrypted using military-grade algorithms which ensure NO DATA CAN BE EXTRACTED AND READ FROM THE HANDSET until the proper password is supplied.
  4. USB Port Encryption: All handsets include a dedicated chip that delivers Enterprise-grade protection against data extraction via the USB port.
  5. Completely D-Googled!All Google Apps have been removed from this variant of Android. No information is passed onto Google.
  6. Fully encrypted Peer to Peer messaging:Messages sent between Omerta phones are impossible to read, thanks to the messaging apps encryption. Because communications occur on a peer to peer basis, no logs or records of messages are stored on remote servers.
  7. Self destruct messaging: SMS messages can be set to self-destruct after a user-specified amount of time.
  8. Encrypted phone calls: All Omerta handsets support fully encrypted phone calls thus ensuring no-one can intercept & listen to communications between the 2 parties. Because the calls are made over the internet, your location & IP address can be further masked – effectively making you invisible.
  9. SIM 2 SIM phone calls:Use your contract SIM card in the Stealth for making regular calls.
  10. Fully encrypted, none traceable, APP 2 APP phone call:Benefit from VOIP calls via our messaging app.
  11. Fully encrypted, modern email account:Encrypted Email is provided via a Swiss Email provider offering 100% privacy. INSANE LEVEL OF PROTECTION AS NO-ONE (INCLUDING PROVIDER) CAN ACCESS YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT.
  12. Emergency Delete: Completely erase the handset's memory and storage in emergencies – either local or remote.
  13. Offline Navigation: The  Stealth comes equipped with GPS Navigation which works when 100% offline.
  14. The handset comes complete with "best practice" tutorials which showcase how to best operate the phone for maximum privacy.
  15. Customization available on request: Requests to turn of USB port or permanently the camera can be catered for. Simply ask at time of purchase.