World Class security & privacy

We offer two types of configurations to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. For those who prioritize privacy and security, we provide standalone configurations for mobile phones. These configurations isolate the devices from web services like Google and Samsung, ensuring enhanced privacy and security. On the other hand, we also offer Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for organizations that distribute mobile phones to their staff members. MDM configurations prioritize the security of the entire network and infrastructure, along with efficient device management and collaboration among staff members. 

Root of Trust

Root of Trust establishes device integrity through hardware-level checks, secure components, and cryptographic keys, ensuring protection against attacks.

Hardware Vault

Omerta's Knox Vault is a hardware-based security solution that stores sensitive data, executes secure code, and protects against software and hardware attacks. It undergoes rigorous testing and is integrated into Omerta devices like the Infiniti S23 series.

Trusted Boot

Trusted Boot, a feature of the Knox Platform, secures mobile device boot processes by identifying unauthorized and outdated boot loaders. It ensures only validated components run and offers device health assessment. Knox Verified Boot expands Android Verified Boot to enhance boot-time security.

Real Time Kernel Protection

Omerta Infiniti's Real-time Kernel Protection (RKP) defends against kernel threats, ensuring data security and integrity. It works with Periodic Kernel Measurement (PKM) and is considered industry-leading.

Omerta Attestation

Omerta Attestation detects compromised devices, ensuring secure mobile apps. It uses trusted hardware, certificates, and signatures for reliable health checks. If a compromise is found, access to enterprise resources is blocked. Omerta Attestation offers protection and device-specific results.

Real Time Kernel Protection

We provide various device configurations to balance security and user preferences. Modes like COBO, FMDWP, Separated Apps, WP-C, and BYOD offer different levels of control. Knox-enhanced work profiles on Omerta devices offer advanced management features for secure work profiles.

Additional Security Features

  • Hardware-Backed Keystore: This feature is a hardware-dependent claim. All Omerta Infiniti devices have keystores backed by hardware protections.
  • Secure Lockdown on Tampering: Upon detecting critical security compromises, the system locks down sensitive areas, preventing unauthorized enterprise data access and leakage. When there is evidence of device tampering, Omerta prevents users from accessing the data in a work profile or on a fully managed device. To unlock the device again, one needs to factory reset the device, which wipes out the data inside.
  • Remote Device Health: Get visibility into which devices have security issues like unauthorized firmware, allowing you to take action right away. Omerta checks the record of IMEI tampering and whether the warranty bit is blown.
  • Keystore Support of eSE & Other High-Security Storage: Numerous services require credentials for access. They include Wi-Fi, VPN, email, and websites. In order to safely store sensitive credentials, developers need to write new credential storage code for any new storage hardware. Omerta provides a plug-and-play framework for credential management across a variety of hardware, eliminating the need to develop in-house credential management implementation logic.
  • Sensitive Data Protection (SDP): SDP keeps data encrypted while a work profile or fully managed device is locked, even during runtime when other solutions decrypt data.
  • DualDAR Encryption: With a single instance of encryption, potential flaws in the implementation can result in a single point of failure. KPE DualDAR provides two independent layers of encryption to achieve an even higher level of reliability by enabling redundancies in protecting Data-At-Rest. You can further strengthen data encryption by using a third-party cryptographic module to customize encryption. This dual encryption is required for classified deployments. Note that there is an additional license fee to use DualDAR.
  • ML Model Protection: Machine Learning and Neural models come with unique security challenges that are difficult to address without support from the mobile operating system platform. Omerta ML Model Protection leverages the Omerta platform to provide developers with the secure encryption, operation, and access control of ML models.
  • Enforced Two-Factor Authentication: Enables IT admins to force end-user two-factor authentication for logging in to a work profile or fully managed device. Two-factor authentication is done through a combination of biometrics (fingerprint and iris) and more traditional means (password, PIN, pattern).