Not all Encrypted SIMs are equal - Costs assocaited with OMertaNet.

A lot of visitors to Omerta question the cost of our Encrypted SIM service, stating they can buy a similar service at a fraction of a cost. Why is this?

Quite simply put - not all services are equal. The Omerta Encrypted SIM card is a high performance security solution designed to protect the user. Cheaper services are simply providing a SIM card which allows unlimited calling with voice modulation and outgoing number substitution. This means they offer no protection against your calls being intercepted & recorded. 

When looking to buy an Encrypted SIM, you must establish what your requirements are. If you are not worried about your phone calls being intercepted or recorded then the Omerta Encrypted SIM is maybe not the correct solution. However if security and privacy are a priority then you must ask the supplier about the preventative steps the service offers to protect you against IMSI Catchers, Stingray and other surveillance threats.
You can read about how the Omerta Encrypted SIM protects our client's privacy by reading this article.
So remember, not all encrypted SIM card services are the same. Make sure your interests are being protected & buy Omerta.