What is OmertaNet?

OmertaNet represents the convergence of two distinct and powerful technologies: a specially programmed SIM card and a private mobile telephone network. Meticulously engineered in an unconventional manner, this exceptional combination ensures unparalleled protection for its users, rendering them impervious to recording, location tracking, identification, and scrutiny. Through its unique and non-standard configuration, OmertaNet establishes an authoritative stronghold over privacy and security, setting new standards for impregnable communication systems.

OmertaNet is made from the following:

Encrypted SIM Card

OmertaNet's utilization of the state-of-the-art Encrypted SIM Card grants users exclusive access to our Mobile Virtual Private Network, establishing unparalleled levels of security. This revolutionary technology safeguards your precise location, shields against unauthorized call interception, obfuscates your phone number, and includes Voice Modulation for enhanced anonymity. You can opt for either our range of physical chip or embedded SIM options, meticulously designed to provide the utmost protection and privacy in your communication endeavors.

OmertaNet Mobile Phone Network

Through the strategic deployment of switchboards across eastern Europe, we fortify robust barriers that effectively deter nefarious entities seeking unauthorized access to sensitive information in the form of administrative records, phone logs, and account credentials. By strictly adhering to a policy of maintaining no logs and implementing privacy as a fundamental aspect of our network's design, we provide a telecommunications infrastructure that guarantees unparalleled anonymity and uncompromising security for all users.

Omerta Infiniti (Digital Download or Prefabricated)

OmertaNet stands as a truly versatile solution, transcending system boundaries to seamlessly operate on all Android, Apple, and non-smart/feature phones. However, to achieve an unparalleled level of security that encompasses the entire communication process, it is highly recommended to pair OmertaNet with Omerta Infiniti. This powerful combination ensures a holistic and fortified environment from endpoint to endpoint, delivering optimal results in terms of privacy and protection

Omerta Encrypted SIM Cards - what are they?

The Omerta Encrypted SIM cards, known as Omerta SIMs, establish themselves as a cost-effective and straightforward solution for guaranteeing utmost privacy in mobile phone usage. Designed to be compatible with any unlocked mobile phone, Omerta SIMs empower users to engage in fully encrypted calls that remain impervious to interception or eavesdropping during transmission.

In order to bolster privacy measures, the outgoing number is randomly generated, effectively concealing both the origins of the call and any associated IMEI/IMSI data. Furthermore, the encryption of location information serves as an additional layer of security, ensuring that your whereabouts remain masked. As a final measure, the service provides real-time voice changing capabilities to safeguard against audio analysis and identification, thus fortifying your protection in real-world scenarios.


What does an Encrypted SIM Card do?

What does an Encrypted SIM Card do?

Encrypted SIM cards enable you to make and receive fully encrypted calls which cannot be intercepted or listened to during transit. Further more your outgoing number is randomly generated, thus hiding the origins & IMEI/IMSI data & location encryption mask your whereabouts. Lastly, the service also offers real time voice changing to protect against audio analysis & identification.

The service utilises a number of clever strategies to deliver a secure service used by Omerta patrons the world over.

Which Countries can I have a number for?

Which Countries can I get a Number for?

We can offer mobile phone numbers for most countries & can obtain numbers for countries in the EU, Asia, USA, Latin America & Australia. Due to how we purchase these numbers, we cannot offer fixed pricing at the moment & numbers are purchased for a 12 month period.

What are the benefits of an OmertaNet SIM?

What are the benefits of an OmertaNet SIM?

No contracts: All Omerta Encrypted SIM cards are pre-paid so there are no contracts whatsoever. Simply pay & go.

Unlimited Worldwide Calling: A 6 month subscription entitles customers to make unlimited phones calls anywhere in the world. It really is that simple. We have included unlimited, location-independent calls into the base price for your comfort. Use a fixed upfront cost and forget about limitations. Stay connected any time, any place.

Encrypted calling to anyone: Omerta SIMs use military grade double-data encryption to code all of your calls and messages. No billing records, no location sharing, no traceable numbers or visible IMEI/IMSI. Omerta SIM ensure your privacy is protected from all angles.

Geolocation anonymity: The Omerta SIM card keeps your location private by encrypting your geolocation through a secure USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) channel. This means your location data is secure & makes an Omerta SIM an excellent addition to any activist, journalist or privacy concerned individual.

Telephone number encryption: By using an advanced encryption process, an Omerta SIM can generate a random number each time you call. The encryption occurs via a secure USSD channel & your original number is impossible to decipher. A further benefit is recipient call logs show the random generated number rather than your own number which further protects your privacy.

Change your voice characteristics: If voice identification is a threat to your privacy, then you can adjust your phonetic characteristics at the touch of a button. WIth 7 settings you can be assured any issue with voice identification is thoroughly mitigated.

How do I use it?

How do I use it?

It really could not be simpler - insert the SIM card into your phone & start dialing. The general process used by our SIM cards is as follows:

  1. Call someone or answer someone else’s call.
  2. The call command contacts our automated servers through a secure USSD channel.
  3. Our servers instantly substitute your voice, encrypt your number and secure your location.
  4. Continue the call through a private, secure channel.
  5. After the call has ended, your interlocutor is left with a randomly generated number in his/her call log.
How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

Omerta SIM is available from as little as a 1 month subscription package for a one off fee. There is no contract & no obligation to continue at the end of your 1 months.

Mobile Data

Mobile Data

Mobile Data is offered & billed per GB. Our data service provides high performance, VPN styled mobile internet whilst keeping no logs.