Why is the Infinity Encryption so special?

The Infinity Series feature a unique security chip - the Infiniti Encryption Reactor. The super encryption chip resides in the already secured Knox Vault & allows for ultra fast encryption. It also reside on the exit route for data heading into the wild - this means everything leaving the handset gets encrypted, whether requested or not!

Say hello to the Quantum Encryption Standard (QUEST)

The encryption employed utilises algorithms which are significantly stronger than other present-day approaches. The Infiniti Series utilises a 4 layer, post-quantum cryptography approach to encryption, not only providing incredible complexity with each algorithm but also providing defence in depth. This means data on the handset is safe from present day Quantum Decryption Techniques.

Available De-Googled & DeSamsung'd!

The Infiniti Series utilises a fresh approach to security & does not using GrapheneOS. Instead it utilises a heavily modified Android installation which has been designed with customisation in mind. Through clever design we have the ability to reduce the standard Samsung Apps & Google Apps on the device thus reducing attack surfaces available whilst significantly improving privacy.

On the surface it is a standard Android handset with security enhanced hardware, which means it looks and runs entirely like a standard handset. However, the configuration delivers enhanced security via strong screen locking policies plus a focus on regular security updates to ensure you are ahead of the crowd. 

QUEST Ready Apps - One Time Encryption Pad

Also included is our new QUEST app. This is a one-time encryption tool which is used to encode plain text, images, videos & any other file type. The resulting text string can be emailed, sent by SMS or any other means without fear of interception. Again, the app uses post-quantum cryptography & meets the QUEST Standard.


If you require to make fully secure, standard network phone calls, then it will be necessary for both parties to be on OmertaNet.