What we do.

Omerta delivers state-of-the-art secure telecommunication solutions by combining cutting-edge technology with over 30 years of experience. While our flagship products and secure network form the foundation of our services, our true differentiating factor lies in the extensive knowledge and expertise that we have acquired throughout our history. In the past year, we have undergone a comprehensive transformation, reimagining every aspect of our business, from the phones we offer to our internal processes, to ensure an unparalleled level of security for our clients.

We understand that privacy and security cannot be achieved through a single product or solution. Instead, it requires a combination of specialized hardware and effective IT strategies. Our approach involves leveraging innovative technologies in creative ways to mitigate risks that are often overlooked by others. By incorporating artificial intelligence, we have minimized human interaction with sensitive client data, reducing the potential for human error or malicious intent. Furthermore, we have migrated our systems to a unified, single environment, eliminating data duplication and minimizing security vulnerabilities associated with fragmented data management. Our client self-service portal ensures round-the-clock assistance for common issues, and we have fostered an environment where our security technology can flourish, addressing the broader challenges of privacy in the modern world.

The Future is Bright

To bolster our security measures, we have embraced Samsung's security framework and toolset, enabling us to develop phones that provide an exceptional user experience while remaining secure enough to withstand threats from state actors. Moreover, we can now program our handsets as they leave the Samsung factory, ensuring that clients receive their Omerta Phone in a sealed, pristine package directly from the source. Each Omerta Phone is a masterpiece in terms of both security and craftsmanship.

Expanding our range of offerings, we cater to various budgets and needs. From the limited edition BrightBurn 6 handset with OmertaNet included, priced at £650.00, to high-end dual-screen phablets costing £3000, we provide options to suit diverse requirements. Additionally, we offer security-hardened tablets and computer options for those seeking comprehensive protection beyond their phones.

Please note that while our website content has remained largely unchanged in the past three years due to other priorities, we felt it was crucial to announce these significant developments. We want to emphasize that the Omerta of today is vastly different from the company described on our website from four years ago. We have evolved into a sophisticated entity, creating technology of superior quality that surpasses any previous comparisons.

We invite you to explore our website, and if you require assistance, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable AI, affectionately known as the "Wiseguy."