• Omerta Infiniti. Only On Samsung.

    Customised ANdroid OS with Knox Portection.

What is Omerta Infiniti?

Omerta Infiniti stands as a formidable force in the realm of mobile devices, offering a compelling and sophisticated alternative to the established players in the market. Anchored by the solid foundation of Samsung Galaxy devices, Omerta Infiniti presents a range of devices that redefine privacy and security standards. With a focus on unlocking previously inaccessible security hardware, Infiniti devices provide users with unprecedented control over their data and protection against potential threats. The suite of cutting-edge technologies employed by Omerta Infiniti ensures a robust and reliable user experience. From Flip to Fold and Tablet devices, Omerta Infiniti offers a versatile range that caters to diverse customer preferences.

So what is Omerta Digital?

Repurpose your Samsung Galaxy - Make it OmertaNet Ready in ten minutes!

Omerta Digital offers Samsung Galaxy device owners (starting from Galaxy S21) the opportunity to convert their phones into a secure Omerta Infiniti device with an Encrypted SIM. This conversion process involves purchasing a conversion kit that includes two QR codes. The first QR code contains the Omerta Infiniti OS, while the second QR code contains an Embedded SIM ready for OmertaNet.

The conversion process is simple and straightforward. After performing a factory reset on your Galaxy device, you'll find a setup page where you can activate a QR Scanner by entering a special command. By scanning our unique QR code, your phone will automatically reconfigure itself. The entire process typically takes around ten minutes and doesn't require any advanced technical skills beyond scanning the code.

Once the conversion is complete, you can proceed to scan our ESIM to install your encrypted SIM, effectively transforming your device into a fully secure Omerta Infiniti handset.

This innovative delivery method eliminates concerns related to international shipping and associated costs of importing high-value items. The complete security solution can be conveniently delivered electronically through secure messenger apps or email. The utilization of QR codes ensures that the file sizes remain small, while still providing the same level of security as if we had built the device in-house and shipped it to you.