Supported Countries & Data Allocation Sizes

The Omerta Encrypted SIM works across the globe, offering secure, encrypted calls in over 188 countries. This page details the various network providers whom we work with & lists the countries you can request a phone number for. This page also details the varying data costs between countries.

Which country can i have a phone number?

We can offer our clients a wide selection of phone numbers, so that your SIM appears to belong to a certain country. Most often clients will want a SIM registered to their country of domicile since their friends can contact them without incurring international dialling fees! Due to legislation varying from country to country we cannot provide numbers for every country. If you have a specific country in mind and it is not listed, drop us a message and we will check to see if we can provide a solution.

Which network provider can I use?

Whilst travelling you may have to change network provider when entering new country. The list below highlights the operators we work with in each country. If a country you are interested in doesn't appear on the list, please send us a message.

Data Allocation Sizes per Country

Omerta provides data top ups in units costing £200. The volume of data provided in a unit is normally 15GB however this can be less in some countries due to local costs.