• Security & Style

    Advanced security & enhanced privacy features

Standard Features across the Infiniti Range

Based on the DB Series, we are delighted to showcase the new Infiniti Series. Whilst the DB series offered exciting potential, the exotic nature of the technology brought manufacturing challenges which we felt could be mitigated by an alternative approach, both standardizing manufacturing & reducing costs significantly.

All Omerta handsets feature anti tamper hardware designed to prevent tampering & data extraction via the USB port. Samsung Techwin design these chips with the sole intention of reducing the footprint available to attackers to gain access to your data.

This chipset, in combination with other hardware improvements & OS hardening ensure you are being protected by world class technology.

Wide Range of Devices

The Infiniti range sports offers a full security suite designed to protect your data, your communications & your privacy. Also, in an exciting development, due to our development process becoming streamlined, the Infiniti range now includes the full Samsung Galaxy range including the Samsung Fold Series. This means you have more choice than ever before when choosing an Omerta.

These developments; in conjunction with our new OmertaNet encrypted Sim service, now means costs have been reduced by half whilst security and end-user experience has got significantly better. It also means a wider choice of phones as shown below.

Omerta Infiniti offers
6 Security erase functions

All Our Infiniti range of products utilise Samsungs KNOX security suite meaning your data is secured through world leading technology. however should the worst happen & your handset fall into the wrong hands then we have included a suite of Security features to ensure the handset erases all valuable data, mitigating longer term risks associated with Catch, Keep & archive procedures.

Duress PIN Erase

A secondary PIN code used on the screen lock page. When used the handset initiates a factory reset.

SMS/Message Erase

Remotely erases a handset on receipt of a predefined keyword sent via SMS or internet based messaging app.

USB Intrusion Wipe

For the ultra security conscious there is a USB Wipe function. Plug a standard power supply in and the device will charge. Plug in a computer & the system resets.

On-Screen Panic Button

Because everyone's requirements are different we include a number of on device panic buttons which can be disguised in a variety of creative ways.

Failed Logon Erase

Factory reset can be set to activate after a predetermined amount of failed logons.

Dead Hand Switch

Factory reset can be pre-programmed to occur if a successful logon has not happened within a predetermined amount of days.


The following features are standard across the range ensuring you've never felt as safe. Entry level should not deter you as its security standard is still above military specification.

  • A full out of the box experience meaning if you factory reset your device, it returns to full Infiniti configuration.
  • Can be configured to meet your security needs; offering medium, high & extreme settings depending on your circumstances.
  • Stunning new aesthetic thanks to new phone model.
  • Always on tamper protection hardware which monitors for signs of break-in.
  • Unique approach to security allowing standard commercial sims to be used securely. 
  • The Samsung Knox chip protects your encryption keys and prevents attemtps to bypass the CPU.
  • An Encryption Reactor. Every Infiniti handset benefits from a standalone encryption chipset.
  • Dual Data Encryption means your data is encrypted whilst in rest
  • Includes Omerta managed app store for your convenience.
  • Serverless P2P Voice & Video Calls which Infiniti users can benefit from.
  • Undecipherable Text Messaging Chat
  • Ultra Secure File Transfer and Storage
  • Secure Encryption Keys which are generated by the user never a third party.
  • Comprehensive eavesdropping-resistant feature-set including defence against IMSI catchers.
  • 3 Year Samsung Warranty

Introducing OmertaNet

We have recently taken ownership of our Encrypted SIM service; removing the middleman & gaining full control over our network. Our Encrypted SIM Service is now called OmertaNet & besides offering better quality, we can deliver a wider range of contracts at a much more competitive rate.
The Infiniti Series has been designed to work in tandem with OmertaNet delivering a fully secured phone service, with both handset & network being dedicated to your privacy.


When we talk about military-grade encryption, we mean a cipher which is so complex, for a modern supercomputer to break it would take over 6 million years. Our encryption utilises algorithms which far exceed this standard so for lack of an official term, we simple say above military standard encryption.


The Infiniti series can be customised to meet your specific needs meaning we can tailor any of the security modes to meet your exact needs. Lastly, should you require a managed service, we can provision fleets of phones with a fully remote management system for yourself or us to manage.