"Snatch & lock" Protection

Protecting your phone, the data on it & your communication logs doesn't end with encryption & anti-tamper features. Simple attacks can render the most sophisticated defenses useless and these attacks can be carried out by  anyone...for example:

  1. Huge amounts of valuable information can be gleaned from a phone simply by  standing next to the user  and watching them! Many a password or PIN was stolen by standing behind the victim!
  2. A bad actor being within earshot of a conversation will defeat the sophisticated defenses of Signal Private Messenger.
  3. Social engineering & phishing scams fool users to disclose PIN code or Passwords without a second thought!
  4. Getting access to a phone whilst the screen lock is disabled provides an attacker with almost full access & what better way to do this than a "snatch & grab" whilst your attention is elsewhere.

At Omerta, we always are looking at ways to enhance your phone's security - by deploying new technology or by providing education, we believe that enhanced privacy requires a holistic approach.

To that end, all Omerta handsets have PluckLockEx installed as standard. This tiny app runs in the background & monitors your phones sensors to see if the handset has been snatched. If the accelerometers break the thresholds set, the phone assumes it has been snatched & then locks the phone! 

Simple; effective & inteligent protection. 

Existing Omerta owners can get the app from F-Droid - https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.wesaphzt.privatelock/