Strengthening Security through Proactive Measures

At Omerta, we have developed a robust IT Strategy to address the most critical security threats that often arise from suppliers due to poor management, weak leadership, a lack of understanding of legislation, and prioritization of sales over security. Our IT Strategy tackles these weaknesses head-on through using the following proactive measures written below.

Omerta's IT Strategy reflects our commitment to proactive security measures that address the fundamental weaknesses often associated with suppliers. By implementing these measures, we aim to provide our clients with an enhanced level of data protection and privacy, ensuring that your valuable information remains secure within our fortified infrastructure.

Our IT Strategic Goals

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Security-Focused Technology Infrastructure

We understand that a generic, one-size-fits-all infrastructure is not optimal for security. Instead, we have migrated to our own security-hardened technology for compute facilities. By utilizing this enhanced security solution, we not only provide our clients with top-notch protection but also significantly reduce potential attack surfaces. This approach ensures that our security policies are strictly followed, and by securing our infrastructure, we secure your data.            

Consolidated Infrastructure & Centralized Data Storage

To enhance security and governance, we have consolidated our entire infrastructure under a single service provider. This means that every tool and system we use belongs to the same secure environment. By storing client data securely in a centralized location within our heavily fortified infrastructure, we minimize the risk of data duplication and potential security vulnerabilities that arise from fragmented data management. This centralized approach also enables efficient management and governance, providing a single point of truth for data.

Superb, secure mobile compute facilities

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Privacy Enhancement

Through our centralized infrastructure, we ave created a well-organized and easily accessible Single Point of Truth for data. This structured data environment positions us to leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) for various tasks. By adopting AI technologies, we can automate routine and low-level tasks traditionally assigned to junior staff. This reduces unnecessary human interaction with sensitive client data, mitigating the risk posed by human error or malicious intent. By embracing AI, we prioritize privacy and actively minimize potential vulnerabilities by reducing the exposure of sensitive data to unauthorized individuals.