Director of Omerta Digital.
A Leader with Unparalleled Expertise

Craig, the Director of Omerta Digital, brings a wealth of authoritative knowledge and gravitas to the table.
With a diverse background spanning special forces, higher education, the legal sector, and healthcare industries, Craig's expertise is far-reaching. His impressive career includes safeguarding research data from Mexican cartels, providing encryption solutions in regions dealing with civil unrest in Africa, advising on digital security for minors in India, and delivering gaming and finance solutions for casinos in high-risk, exotic locations. Notably, he has also worked with renowned blue-chip companies such as Disney and HSBC.

Craig's passion for technology was ignited in 1987 when Santa delivered his first computer, the Spectrum +2. Since then, he has become an accomplished designer, writer, IT technician, and digital manager. His addiction to technology has propelled him to the forefront of the industry, making him a world-class leader in IT. With his extensive experience, Craig confidently tackles any digital challenge that comes his way.

What sets Craig apart is his ability to design hardware solutions and accompanying strategies that provide the highest levels of protection against malicious actors. His comprehensive understanding of technology allows him to navigate complex landscapes and develop innovative approaches to secure client data. With Craig at the helm, Omerta Digital is poised to deliver exceptional security solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.