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    ​Infiniti s22+

The phone that makes every day epic

Configured for increased security & privacy

Nightography camera

A battery that lasts the day & beyond

Record breaking speeds from top Samsung CPU

Our hardware selection is Simple.
​Only the best will Suffice.

Omerta Infiniti offers
6 Security erase functions

All Our Infiniti range of products utilise Samsungs KNOX security suite meaning your data is secured through world leading technology. however should the worst happen & your handset fall into the wrong hands then we have included a suite of Security features to ensure the handset erases all valuable data, mitigating longer term risks associated with Catch, Keep & archive procedures.

Duress PIN Erase

A secondary PIN code used on the screen lock page. When used the handset initiates a factory reset.

SMS/Message Erase

Remotely erases a handset on receipt of a predefined keyword sent via SMS or internet based messaging app.

USB Intrusion Wipe

For the ultra security conscious there is a USB Wipe function. Plug a standard power supply in and the device will charge. Plug in a computer & the system resets.

On-Screen Panic Button

Because everyone's requirements are different we include a number of on device panic buttons which can be disguised in a variety of creative ways.

Failed Logon Erase

Factory reset can be set to activate after a predetermined amount of failed logons.

Dead Hand Switch

Factory reset can be pre-programmed to occur if a successful logon has not happened within a predetermined amount of days.

Use the best. Leave the rest

At Omerta we recognise our clients want more than a secure phone, they want a communication peace that speaks about them & their tastes. They want a device that not only protects & looks good, but a device that enables everyday smart phone productivity too. 

Reinforced, slim frame design

The slim bezels flow into a symmetrical polished frame for an expansive, balanced display. As a finishing touch, the monochromatic camera housing surrounds a linear camera system. Oh so beautiful.

World leading camera system

Inspiration doesn't wait for optimal lighting - and now you don't have to either. The biggest leap in our video technology, auto framerate matches the fps speed to your surroundings and Super Night Solution clears up the noise in each frame for high-quality, vivid footage - whether you're in the sun or under the stars.

Fastest chip from Galaxy

Whether you're vlogging your day, gaming all night or simply scrolling your feed, the 4nm processor makes for an incredibly smooth experience.

Your Privacy.

Secure your private data from the second you turn your phone on with Omerta Enhanced Knox. Knox Vault keeps your biometric information safe, while Secure Folder locks down your private data. And the new Permission Usage dashboard lets you see which apps are sharing your data or tracking you, and allows you to grant or deny access on your terms.

Infiniti S22|S22+

Starting from £1599.99 for the entry level S22, contact us to place an order.

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