11.08.22 12:06 PM By Craig

We offer three devices, the DBV (pronounced DB-5); this is an entry level device; the DB9 & finally the DBX (pronounced DB-10) - the later is significantly more expensive at more than double the DB9.

I've listed the main differences below; starting with the DBV. All devices across the range come with a peer to peer communication tool which allows for totally secure, encrypted communications to any smartphone, not just DB users.

We also include what is called a One Time Pad app - this app will encrypt any file or text using a pre-agreed secret. The output is a jumble of text which you can then openly share across any app you wish. Provided the end user has the same device they can paste the text into their app & the message will decrypt. This app can be used for text, videos, audio & files. Its simplicity belies the technology behind it, as the encryption is incredibly powerful - see a video here demonstrating the app in action: https://workdrive.zohopublic.eu/external/773b5a414e3dfbcc038277bf67ddcd12d27a5e14df0616b05505904bd5dce95f

DBV Feature Set

  • Recommended for use with Pay as you go data sim.
  • Based upon Samnsung S20 Galaxy; the internal hardware is replaced with security enhanced hardware provided by Samsung Techwin (Samsungs Military division). This ensures data is encrypted at all times, not only whilst at rest.
  • A proprietary SoC (System on a Chip) ensures all communications benefit from 4 Consecutive Layers of Symmetric Encryption - CAES 256 C. Blowfish 448 D. TwoFish 256. DB Series SuperEncryption is Unbreakable and Indecipherable, no matter how much computational power you will apply. This is considered "Above Government" level of encryption.
  • A number of hardware sensors monitor the device for signs of physical intervention. Defence in depth provides significant protection against hackers & device is tested against Pegasus.
  • Geo location normally broadcast to cell tower is blocked by hardware.
  • The devices main protection from attack is the screen lock - once the phone is locked, no data is coming off the phone.
  • Immunity to all current digital forensic probing and extraction techniques.

This is the perfect device for users wishing to use standard Google Play Stores apps such as Signal/Wickr/Whatsapp. The end users responsibility is to ensure the device has a secure lock in place & encrypted communications can be made over the internet using our bespoke communication app or through any secure communication app such as Signal.

DB9 Feature Set

Based on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra the DB9 supports all of the above features plus a sophisticated secondary partition in the phone. This second partition contains our communication app, alongside any other applications you wish & on the face of it appears similar to a software partition like you can achieve with Island. However in this instance our secondary partition is actually another device built into the phones shell.

We utilise a SoC (System on a Chip) which comprises of Encryption Engine, another CPU plus encrypted storage area & this is connected to the device within the Samsung Knox Chip (a further level of security). This secondary partition has its own Operating System & the chip is not directly connected to the first partition, creating an additional layer of security through Air Gapping.

Within this secondary partition you can include duplicate communication apps such as our own proprietary communication app; plus any other apps you wish from the Google App store.

The real benefit of this become apparent when the partition is hidden via PIN Code. This effectively allows you to operate a two phone system (with dual sim setup). An everyday normal handset which benefits from the heightened security of the DBV means you can operate a normal sim card and still benefit from anti hacking, encrypted communications etc whilst the partition, if hidden, can be used for top secret communications.

Because the two partitions are physically separate, this means any attack on the first partition will not have any impact on the second partition. In fact, in the unlikely scenario that partition A was compromised, you can still use partition B with complete peace of mind.

The real benefit of this setup means you can also give over your handset and disclose Partition A's screen unlock code thus appearing entirely transparent under duress whilst Partition B lays dormant, in hiding. Due to the airgapping, the second partition will not show up on any scans & appear entirely non existent.

Finally, to ensure the integrity of your secrets - the DB9's second partition will self destruct on 10 failed pin entries. Unlike previous Omerta devices where by a software erase is done; the DB9's partition gets physically burned by electric discharge. This damage is absolute & physically ensures no evidence is available to show data on a secondary partition ever existed.

So whilst the inclusion of a secondary partition may not seem like a significant inclusion to warrant the increase in cost; you can see from this discussion that it is infact a second phone hidden within the device, a secondary phone that includes a true self destruct mechanism which ensures secrets remain just that or get evaporated during the process of attack.

Finally, the DB9 allows for making secure phone calls to other DB9 or DBX handsets. This means you can make a standard phone call, & provided both caller ID are hidden, you achieve exactly the same effect as the Encrypted SIM card (in fact I would suggest even better, because calls made using random number substitution can be ascertained from a phone bill by simply looking for phone numbers that do no exist; where as the DB9 shows up as caller unknown. Also the DB series include an IMEI changer as standard meaning the IMEI number is in a constant state of flux thus denying an operator the ability to match a call to an IMEI.

Further DB Specs are shown here: https://workdrive.zohopublic.eu/external/26954e5c51816232e58f1b4aba51158c134ed3c6aca81bab066cda1faeea59d0

DBX Feature Set

The DBX utilises proprietary encryption which is so new & confidential that the technology is labelled a Cyber Security Weapon by various authorities & we have had to obtain an export license for shipping. This new technology is at the forefront of anti hacking technology with no means of cracking/hacking & bypassing presently known. 

Whilst being considered the absolutely forefront of encryption, the sheer fact it is new & proprietary means any bad actor obtaining a handset will have no standard attack vectors simply because the technology is new - this itself means significant time & budget would be required to even to begin trying to hack this device. More details are available on request.

To conclude, these handsets represent a total revolutionary leap forward in terms of security, leaving the G series behind by moving away from security via software through to much tougher security via hardware. The DB9 series represents the best value for security in my mind & if you are in a high risk environment, then the DB9 provides both the ability to protect yourself whilst also appear to be co-operative by merit of the hidden partition.

If you are working at a level whereby your main threat has unlimited resources and access to the cutting edge in technology; then the DBX comes out front as it utilises technology that is so new & rare to find that techniques to begin hacking the device simply do not exist.