Software updates & future developments

05.06.22 11:47 AM By Craig

Development in the security sector of IT is a never-ending competition between bad actors seeking exploits & development houses releasing security updates & patches. This is true with all systems which have an operating system & thankfully Omerta handsets manage this process in the background so you don't need to concern yourself with regular checking for security updates.

Most of the time these updates are, from the consumer point of view, utterly opaque with no noticeable benefit. However, in the forthcoming weeks, we will be updating our handsets to further enhance the end-user experience & give our customers a richer and more engaging experience.

One of the most noticeable inclusions will be the new boot screen animation - designed to represent the heart of Omerta powering up, vibrant with energy & ready to defend your data against any attack.

The update will be present on all future handsets & existing customers will be given the opportunity to receive this update on request. We are thoroughly excited at this development and are certain you will be too!

This is just one example of Omerta's commitment to bringing continual innovation to existing and new customers.