Pass me the hammer - I've been hacked!

10.09.22 11:39 PM By Craig

When your only tool is a hammer, every problem will look like a nail. When it comes to IT Security never a truer word could be spoken. The amount of clients I assist with their phones, whom, as a first step to fixing anything, is to destroy all their data, all their phone settings, all their history, call logs, Pictures and accounts saved on their phone!

Factory reset should be your last option if you don't feel qualified to diagnose an IT issue! Over the past few months I've seen clients wipe their handsets after spending months setting up. tweaking and getting their phone into a harmonious state of nirvana because:

  • A software update occured
  • A chat app requested access to a storage area
  • A Wifi hotspot had a number which looked funny
  • A phone call cut off
  • A clicked link opened a web browser 

Whilst the above list seems quite silly, in each instance the people in question genuinely believed they might have been compromised & felt the risk was such