Our 15 minutes of fame - Omerta appears in mainstream media

20.08.22 10:57 PM By Craig

Andy Warhol once said everyone will have 15 minutes of fame in the future....and we had ours today after Motherboard, the technology wing of Vice. mentioned us briefly at the end of their Encrochat article. 

Whilst far from being the most fetching of quotes, Vice has a global readership of 55 million, so any mention is a good mention! Besides, not many startups get a mention in a global news network, even if presented with a degree of infamy (cue the Doctor Evil laugh)! 

Vice's article can be viewed at  https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/3aza95/how-police-secretly-took-over-a-global-phone-network-for-organised-crime?