New live chat - For better (& worse) customer service

20.11.22 10:59 PM By Craig

Choosing a security-hardened, privacy-enhanced smartphone is a difficult choice & the savvy buyer will have many questions. Where possible I have crafted the Omerta website to provide a rich source of information, but try as I may, I can't predict every question!

So to improve customers when choosing their phone we have launched a new live chat app  - this means (ironically) my privacy goes to pot so I can make sure you get the right answers at the right time ;-)

In theory you should all now see a chat icon on the bottom right of your screen & you can use this to communicate with us 24/7. Now I stress that is the theory because the Lord only knows how many requests I missed today!

There is definitely a steep learning curve managing  Live Chat & I ask that clients be patient whilst we get to grips with the new system - if we ignore your message its stupidity over ignorance! However, once we are all familiar with its opeartion I am sure great customer service will be had by all.