Looking back on our development

12.03.22 12:08 PM By Craig

I was looking over some old files late last night when I stumbled across an image of the very first security-hardened handset made - the origins of Omerta. Built using the first generation of Pixel XL, the phone sported an old version of GrapheneOS and was branded D-Fence....at this stage I still had not decided on the company name Omerta & I liked the bold labelling on the home screen.

It wasn't long later I settled on Omerta & then the handset had the ridiculous title of "D-fence Stealth XL by Omerta" :-) This didn't last too long! Once I had time to review the phones name & its presentation I dropped the D-Fence name & opted to create home screen wallpaper inspired by Apple OSx.

The imagery, besides taking inspiration from Apple, was chosen as to showcase the quality of the screens used on each handset. This was successful & every time I create a new handset, the home screen wallpaper still catches my eye & we still get compliments about how striking they are.

The original D-Fence didn't last long, but the technical blueprint, the technology and the vision has endured & proven successful  - long live Omerta!