Looking ahead at Omerta - New products, AI & more

11.02.22 07:33 AM By Craig

Over the next 6 months clients can expect to see a variety of exciting developments; both for existing and new clients alike. From AI to new products - for those who can't wait then read on to find out more about our plans.

New Products

During the next quarter will be phasing out the standard Titan, to be replaced by a new model based upon the privacy-focused operating system CalyxOS. Again based around the Pixel 3a, the new handset will include the Omerta Security SIM installed as a virtual SIM, meaning it can be erased without a trace, giving heightened privacy to those who would rather keep their choice of sim a secret. We call it the Black Hand series.


New App Store

Clients often enquire about what apps they can install & we want to give a greater sense of security when making an app choice. To this end we will be publishing our own Omerta App store & clients can log requests for apps to be added. This means you have peace of mind, since apps will have been vetted prior  to publishing. 


Customer Self Service Area & AI Customer Support

At Omerta we believe in strength through size. Because we are a small, family-run company, client privacy is assured. We want to retain this core strength, whilst attaining growth, so to achieve this we are implementing AI throughout various parts of the business, including client-facing areas such as providing support. 

Clients can expect to see a new self-service knowledge base, designed to provide answers to any questions you may have, & AI designed to signpost you to the answers you need. 

We firmly believe in using technology to benefit our clients & I feel this will ensure we can still deliver a personal service without compromising privacy, which invariably happens when you have a turnover of staff.


Streamlined Website

We continue to develop the Omerta website & over the next few weeks there will be a focus on streamlining the site to make the customer journey easier.