Introducing our new Backup U Mobile Phone

28.11.22 09:40 AM By Craig
After Sky ECC dropping the ball across the world, and Belgium prisons filling up faster that your dads toupee in a storm, the Omerta Design Committee paused to reflect. How do we get our secure technology into the hands of people let down by Encrochat & Sky ECC?

After great thought, many minutes of design & a review on, we were lead to our next phone - a phone so essential you would keep clos to you at all times. A phone so secure it would be invisible even when a few feet away. Retro in function but essential to some we are proud to announce a new range of handsets from Omerta - The stunning Backup U Mobile Phone or as we affectionately call it "The BUM Phone".

Specifically designed for those whom have the Queen as their landlady. or those who are considering a leisure break at her Majestys Service; each handset is built to the highest (and smoothest) standard such as:

  • Ergonomically designed for easy insertion.
  • Full phone abilities once unpacked
  • Smooth Surfaces to prevent foreign matter bedding into the micro phone or charging port.
  • Suitable for people of all sizes
  • Easy to find charging port, even when away!

The BUM Phone will be available to all and has been priced to reflect buyers personal situation. If you intend to talk shit, talk through a BUM Phone.

For more information please email [email protected] before mid day UK time!