Introducing GrapheneOS

14.11.22 09:33 PM By Craig

Omerta handsets utilise industry best practice to deliver security-hardened, privacy-enhanced technology. We deliver privacy using a security triad – 3 pillars to provide a secure base for communications, data mobility & handset security. By combining certified software with a unique, secure operating system on pedigree hardware, our customers get blazing fast, sleek-looking hardware designed to protect against even state players!

What is an operating system?

One unique inclusion of our handsets is the use of a heavily modified version of Android as the operating system. The operating system is the software which controls the phones hardware & allows you to interact with it. Omerta uses GrapheneOS – a version of Android tailored to do one thing amazingly well: making a mobile phone which is resilient to hackers & designed to deliver privacy.

Introducing GrapheneOS

GrapheneOS is a version of  Android which is under continual development by Daniel Micay. Sponsored by a number of Silicon Valley bluechip corporations, the operating system delivers a security-hardened version of Android by delivering more robust memory management  & better protecting the phone during vulnerable stages of operation, such as boot time.

Global recognized by Ex CIA & NSA staff

Edward Snowden, the technical specialist for both the CIA & NSA, has spoken in favor of GrapheneOS on a number of occasions & went on twitter to show his support. Snowden worked at the highest echelons of these security institutes & certainly knows his was around IT security. Put another way, given the level of technical knowledge a superstate can deliver - you have to listen when one of their IT experts attests to the operating systems security prowess.

What benefits does it deliver?

  1. Enhanced management of memory – essentially the OS better protects the contents of the phones brain; thus massively reducing opportunities for hackers to gain access to your phone.
  2. Better encryption that standard Android.
  3. Much more resilient permissions out of the box; which reduces risk associated with malicious apps being installed.
  4. A modified version of Google Chrome called Vandium. Out of the box it provides better security & a much more private web browsing experience.
  5. Operating system verification using a service called Attestation. In the unlikely event your phone is compromised YOU will be told it has been, thus allowing you to use alternative means for communication!
  6. Delivers a modern end user experience which allows users to enjoy a modern smartphone whilst benefiting from enhanced security.

The outcome - Omerta.

When used in conjunction with a Pixel Phone & security-conscious apps, GrapheneOS delivers a mobile phone which is incredibly secure and can be used in complete confidence for the most sensitive of communications.