Get a free Omerta Flight with every Encrypted SIM Bundle (worth £300)!

22.10.22 04:29 PM By Craig

To celebrate the launch of our new entry-level smartphone, for a limited time only, we are giving away a free Omerta Flight with every Encrypted SIM Card Bundle. Offer is limited to 1 phone per purchase. To qualify for your free Flight use code MyFirstFlight at checkout.

The Omerta Flight was developed through my love of experimenting with new OS & I decided to test LineageOS on an old Pixel 1 I had. To state the results were stunning is nothing short of an understatement. For starters, the actual phone, whilst using 4-year-old technology, runs like a brand new, current-generation handset. At no point do I feel it is sluggish, even with several CPU intensive apps running. Secondly, the level of security & privacy provided is excellent - whilst a far cry from the Titan series, the Flight provides enhanced privacy & is more than adequate for everyday users. Thirdly it delivers an excellent de googled experience. Finally, a surprising touch, the OS has a number of great consumer features like being able to customise the user interface colours.

The Ultimate Burner Phone!

When partnered with an Omerta SIM you get a very powerful, very secure communication tool & one that in no way feels underpowered. As a phone to run the Omerta SIM, this is an excellent choice as web browsing and apps run quickly and clearly thanks to the high-quality AMOLED screen & Snapdragon CPU. Given it is free with the Omerta SIM, this is the Ultimate Burner!

For anyone wishing to own their first Omerta, the Flight is a wonderful choice & for a limited time only, one you can get for free with an encrypted SIM bundle.