19.08.23 04:45 PM By Craig


In today's connected world, security is paramount. We identified a troubling risk among our clients: a gap between the security of their mobile devices and personal computing facilities. While mobile devices may have robust security measures thanks to Omerta, laptops often suffer from weak security, providing an easy target for bad actors. This disconnection has often led to cyber attacks, putting messaging apps like WhatsApp and Signal at risk.

Enter Dex, a new feature within our flagship Infiniti devices that aims to bridge this gap.

The Need for Integrated Security

Security breaches can be devastating, and bad actors are continually looking for weak points to exploit. By simply redirecting an attack towards a client's less secure computing device, they gain access to sensitive information. It's a problem that needed a solution, and that's where Infiniti's Dex comes in.

Unleashing the Power of Infiniti on the Desktop

With the inclusion of Dex, Infiniti owners can now extend their mobile security improvements to their desktop computers. By utilizing a simple docking station, the Infiniti range can connect to large monitors, keyboards, and mice, delivering a full desktop computing experience. Users can instantly benefit from Infiniti's security hardening and privacy improvements, all while enjoying the enhanced comfort and productivity of a larger screen and peripheral devices.

To illustrate this effectiveness, I personally ran Omerta for two weeks using Dex on the Infiniti S23 Ultra. I found that I could comfortably work with office productivity tools, perform tasks traditionally associated with significant processing power (such as desktop publishing, photo editing, and even video editing), all while benefiting from the higher security standards of Infiniti.

Who Can Benefit from Infiniti's Dex?

While not a universal solution for all computer users, those with basic daily computing needs (such as email, social media, web browsing, office productivity tasks, and photo editing) will likely be delighted with what Infiniti's Dex can deliver.

Conclusion: Time to Reconsider Your Computing Needs

Maybe it's time to rethink your computer facilities. We will shortly be updating our site to include a selection of elegant, small, easy-to-use docking stations, along with accompanying peripherals, allowing you to convert your Infiniti into a desktop computer.

Take control of your digital life, enhance your productivity, and embrace the security benefits of Infiniti today.