New Flagship Phone & Data Only SIM Launched

07.02.22 12:30 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

We've had an incredibly busy few months at Omerta & today we are proud to announce the launch of two new product - The Titan Ultra, our new flagship smartphone built around the Pixel 4 & a new service - An Encrypted Data Only Sim card. The latter benefits clients who need the privacy af...

FBI acknowledge publicly available encrypted applications

03.02.22 03:42 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

The Omerta brand continues to grow globally with each passing day & we were delighted to be interviewed by Californian Cyber Security & Finance news "" for their recent article about the FBI & Encrochat.

The article can be read in full here & makes for very int...

User guide updated - new features available

31.01.22 03:21 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Existing Omerta customers should download the new user guide to benefit from a selection of new apps that we recommend. These apps will add additional functionality to your device  & improve your privacy and data security. Highlights include:

  1. Covert delete: With this enabled you can set the ...

VPN recommendations - NordVPN 3 year deal is enticing

27.01.22 09:23 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

A question I'm commonly asked is which VPN does Omerta recommend. My opinion on this is split 3 ways:

  1. For protection, at no cost, the you cannot touch Orbot - it gets you into the TOR network and plays really well with GrapheneOS. But it has performance issues - its a free service, you can't expect b...

808 State social media campaign & offer

16.01.22 02:34 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We've recently launched Omerta on a number of social media channels including Facebook & Twitter to further our reach. To celebrate this milestone we've launched a new offer: 808State

For a limited time only you can buy 2 Stealth XL phones for £808! We're promoting this offer with a time-lim...

The sky falls down on Sky ECC's head. RICO charges issued by the USA fr Directors.

07.01.22 05:06 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

The news goes from bad to worse where users of Sky ECC is concerned. Whilst Sky has wriggled to advise their servers were not compromised, it is now alleged they had infrastructure in the USA. Some media outlets suggest up to a billion messages have been seen. And now, the final nail in the casket, ...

Introducing Titan M technology

10.12.21 06:43 AM By Craig - Comment(s)
Security has always been a top priority for Omerta, spanning both the hardware and software of our devices. This includes the use of GrapheneOS, security updates and annual OS updates. The Stealth series includes a dedicated tamper-resistant hardware security module which protects your lock screen a...

What is GrapheneOS?

05.12.21 11:04 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Cautionary tale about Online Fraud & [email protected]

01.12.21 08:21 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Let the following be a cautionary tale for other online traders - it would appear that the web has flooded with stolen credit card details originating from Switzerland. At Omerta we've seen a significant rise in fraudulent orders whereby the bank details have been Swiss whilst the delivery address b...

Debit & Credit Cards no longer accepted - Cyber Criminals ruin it for everyone.

15.11.21 06:31 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We are sad to announce that, as of today, we will no longer be accepting credit or debit card orders via the website as a standard payment option. This is to combat the use of stolen credit & debit cards being used from mainland Europe.

We acknowledge this is  an inconvenience to t...

The nay sayers of Twitter - The drone of the security expert

11.11.21 01:05 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Andy Warhol spoke of everyone getting their 15 minutes of fame & with the fall of Encro, Omerta's web traffic went from 100 visits on a good day to over 1500 (peaking at 1814). We launched in January & in 5 month we generated 5000 visits. On publishing the article about Encro being hack...

404 Errors Galore - Don't be a Sad Panda. Be a HappyBear & get 10% off!

06.11.21 10:43 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Sad Panda is sad. He clicked on an Omerta link and got a 404 error! But fret not sad panda - we are aware of this! We're currently refreshing the whole site, making the navigation easier & streamlining our product range to make life easier for sad panda!

Because we know no-one, especially Sad Pan...

Biometric Duress Wipe - Just one of our new features....

04.11.21 06:15 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

The past few months  has seen us enter a significant development phase & we now have a wealth of Omerta Exclusive features for our forthcoming phones. Below is a beta test of the biometric duress wipe & forms part of our suite of emergency processes. Forgive the rough edit - this is jus...

Omerta Rewards - Customer Referral Scheme - Sharing is Caring!

25.10.21 12:06 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We want our customers to benefit from their Omerta purchase to the maximum &, in particular, we want to share our success. 

To this end, we are offering our existing customer's a 10% reward for every phone we sell thanks to a referral. The scheme is really simple - let us know...

Standard Features Across the DB Series

23.10.21 04:10 PM By Craig - Comment(s)
A new concept in security phones within the civilian sector, the DB series are entirely custom built handsets utilising hardware from Samsung's Military Division. The Omerta range sport a full and complete range of security features designed to protect your data, your communications &...

Encrochat Hacked - Wave of arrests after breach of encrypted communication network

18.10.21 05:45 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Individual cases relating to the fall of Encrochat are starting to surface & the scope of the breach is becoming apparent & raising significant questions about the validity of the techniques used to gather the intelligence.

In Ireland, a man has appeared in court for 2 counts of conspiracy to...

NewPipe update to 0.18.2

27.09.21 03:21 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

A recent update to Youtube had a less than positive knock on effect to the app NewPipe. On attempting to playback content from Youtube an error shows up and video playback fails. 

To resolve this issue open F-Droid and locate NewPipe & update it. Version 0.18.2 rectifies the problem so you c...

Fraudulent Stealth Omerta Phones *allegedly* being sold by Australian Police Force

06.09.21 05:13 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Have you bought a fake Omerta? 

Here's a tip - if you Australian then almost certainly as 99% of these handsets are fake.

Over the past few months w have been getting whispers from down under that the Omerta name was being used in conjunction with our phone brands to legitimise & give credibi...

Half price on encrypted SIMs plus new plans available

26.08.21 05:42 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We are pleased to announce after years of operating as a reseller of encrypted Sims, that we have cast off the shackles of a middleman meaning we can now offer our encrypted sim card service at half the previous price! Yes, thats entirely correct - this is not an offer; not a limited time deal, but ...

How can a DBS Phone behave like an Encrypted SIM when on a normal network?

16.08.21 10:24 AM By Craig - Comment(s)
Great question, isn't it! This is the question we've been asked repeatedly since introducing the new handset. Given the unique and clever tactics employed by a Encrypted SIM also requires a privately owned network, how can the handset offer the same privacy benefits using a normal sim card?

I'd l...
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