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Our 15 minutes of fame - Omerta appears in mainstream media

20.08.22 10:57 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Andy Warhol once said everyone will have 15 minutes of fame in the future....and we had ours today after Motherboard, the technology wing of Vice. mentioned us briefly at the end of their Encrochat article. 

Whilst far from being the most fetching of quotes, Vice has a global readership of 55 mi...

Signal Private Messaging - How secure is secure?

19.08.22 08:19 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

Secure, encrypted messaging & calls

What to choose

A question often levied towards Omerta is "how secure are voice calls & messages on an Omerta handset"? The answer, which I say with absolute confidence, is "bulletproof"!

When I began my journey of designing a secure p...


11.08.22 12:06 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We offer three devices, the DBV (pronounced DB-5); this is an entry level device; the DB9 & finally the DBX (pronounced DB-10) - the later is significantly more expensive at more than double the DB9.

I've listed the main differences below; starting with the DBV. All devices across the range com...

Active USB Reset function - A true, proactive answer to the Cellebrite question

29.07.22 10:12 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

 Active USB Reset function - A true, proactive answer to the Cellebrite question

With the recent news highlighting how Celebrite provides next to no respect for other peoples data (see this article) we were requested to write a custom function which resets a handset if a computer is attached to ...

Et tu, Sky ECC? Reports online, Sky ECC hacked, 1500 Dutch agents, Arrests galore

27.07.22 08:08 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Breaking News: Reports have been coming in today that Sky ECC has been hacked by Belgium Detectives for a significant period of time. It is alleged messages have been read and the service compromised. Over 1500 agents have been kicking in doors & making arrests.

Netherlands News outlet AD states ...


21.06.22 03:12 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Internet Access – Configuring your Smartphone

If you purchased internet access alongside your encrypted SIM card, it may be necessary to configure your access point. Use the instructions below:

Settings for R profile (standard)

  1. Go to mobile data settings (slide down the top menu & press then hold o...

Software updates & future developments

05.06.22 11:47 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Development in the security sector of IT is a never-ending competition between bad actors seeking exploits & development houses releasing security updates & patches. This is true with all systems which have an operating system & t...


18.05.22 09:38 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

You might have noticed our current "Clash of the Titans" offer we are running this weekend. If you are an Omerta owner remember don't be complacent. The tools bestowed upon your handset are not a silver bullet but a series of defences which still require you to exert caution...


15.05.22 11:46 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

At Omerta we are always looking at ways to improve both customer service & security; be it through the technology we sell or by the processes we adopt.

One key area overlooked by others is that of staffing. In any business you can expect staff turnover & staff gossiping. Staff will talk, be i...

INCIDENT REPORT: Omerta Security SIM having problems with R1 profile

10.04.22 03:29 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

What is this message about? Omerta Encrypted SIM users have been experiencing erratic behaviour & in some cases have complete loss of service. This message discusses the issue plus provides mitigating steps to fix the problem.

Who does this affect?  This only affects Omerta Encrypted SIM use...

Omerta in top 20%

08.04.22 02:06 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Since launching two weeks ago Omerta has been in the top 20% performing websites that launched that week on Shopify. Considering Shopify hosts half a million shops, that is an incredible statistic & demonstrates the quality Omrta delivers!


24.03.22 01:08 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

A lot of visitors to Omerta question the cost of our Encrypted SIM service, stating they can buy a similar service at a fraction of a cost. Why is this?

Quite simply put - not all services are equal. The Omerta Encrypted SIM card is a high performance security solution designed to protect the user. C...

USB Data Extraction & Cyber Kiosks - how does Omerta stack up?

18.03.22 04:36 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Cellebrite, Cyber Kiosks & Grey Key are tools which put the fear of god into some whilst being touted as the future of law enforcement by others. At Omerta we see these devices as a benefit to the victims of crime & overall as a positive step for privacy (which will surprise some). ...

Anti Tamper/Anti Hacking Technology on the DB Series

14.03.22 03:17 PM By Craig - Comment(s)


Additionally the standard anti-tamper protection such as preventing data leaks via the USB port, the handset features an active self-destruct mechanism which, if used, will zap the internal circuitry rendering portions of hardware entirely unreadable in a permanent fashion.


Looking back on our development

12.03.22 12:08 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

I was looking over some old files late last night when I stumbled across an image of the very first security-hardened handset made - the origins of Omerta. Built using the first generation of Pixel XL, the phone sported an old version of GrapheneOS and was branded this stage I still ha...

Site update underway

04.03.22 01:37 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

We have a new range of products about to go live & as such the site is currently set to browsing only. We are still open for business and can be contacted at [email protected] 

Incorporating cutting edge security & delivering hardware which is in use already by heads of state, ce...

Panic Button - Remote Control Wipe via Bluetooth Emergency Button

24.02.22 11:58 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Remote Control Wipe via Bluetooth Emergency Button

One of the issues when an emergency wipe is required most notably the panic with trying to remember where your phone is whilst under duress. Wouldn't it be great peace of mind to know you could be within close proximity of your handset & wipe it ...

Looking ahead at Omerta - New products, AI & more

11.02.22 07:33 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

Over the next 6 months clients can expect to see a variety of exciting developments; both for existing and new clients alike. From AI to new products - for those who can't wait then read on to find out more about our plans.

New Products

During the next quarter will be phasing out the standard Titan, t...

New Flagship Phone & Data Only SIM Launched

07.02.22 12:30 AM By Craig - Comment(s)

We've had an incredibly busy few months at Omerta & today we are proud to announce the launch of two new product - The Titan Ultra, our new flagship smartphone built around the Pixel 4 & a new service - An Encrypted Data Only Sim card. The latter benefits clients who need the privacy af...

FBI acknowledge publicly available encrypted applications

03.02.22 03:42 PM By Craig - Comment(s)

The Omerta brand continues to grow globally with each passing day & we were delighted to be interviewed by Californian Cyber Security & Finance news "" for their recent article about the FBI & Encrochat.

The article can be read in full here & makes for very int...

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