•  Who is Omerta? 

    We are a small, family run business & have a real passion about technology & its impact on your privacy & security. Operating since 2020, we have helped & advised hundreds of people regarding their security & privacy.
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​Who is Omerta Digital?

​Omerta Digital has over 20 years experience in IT & Security. Our staff have backgrounds in the Special Forces, Legal Sector & Higher Education. Previous projects include safeguarding data from Mexican Drug Cartels (at leading red brick University) & data encryption in areas of civil unrest in Africa We’ve also experience in the Gaming sector & have experience working with Casinos to encrypt & digitally manage finances.​

This broad background in data security means you can trust Omerta to ensure your data & discussions are secure. We do this by employing open source, military grade encryption which is mathematically impossible to break.

All software is regularly vetted by privacy groups to ensure no backdoors exist & there is document proof that our encryption software is unbreakable even to the FBI & CIA. Privacy so strong we can’t even access clients data!

Craig - Director

Born from a passion for technology combined with experience in IT security & management, Craig had increasing concerns about privacy in a digital age until one day a client enquired if he could build a handset which better masked their communications & internet usage. At the time he had become interested in the glut of Chinese phones hitting the UK shores & was experimenting with reprogramming them to understand how much performance could be extracted from them - this, for the sole intention of making the phones into Virtual Reality headsets.

This request formed the kernel that became Omerta - Craig's interpretation of what a secure, privacy focused modern smartphone should be.

His Background

Craig is Director of Omerta Digital. He has worked with all things digital for over 20 years & his career has spanned the globe whilst gracing him with opportunities to work with globally recognised brands (such as Disney),  engage with the finest minds in the world (Leeds University), shape & direct IT strategy within the Legal & Medical Sectors & be mentored Chief Information Officer of the Co-operative Bank.

Besides having a career focused on techolgy, Craig is also an accomplished martial artist, having become an Assistant Instructor in Jeet Kune Do plus training for many years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing. Craig also trained with 4 Para so it seems only natural that his work would become security focused. Through hard work, dedication, passion and luck, Craig is an exceptional leader within his  field.

The scope & breadth of his work means he has a deep understanding privacy concerns in a digital age. This has transitioned into Omerta Digital & allowed us to create Smartphones that excel at one thing....providing security which allows customers to ensure their privacy is not only respected but enforced.

Omerta Digital is born from my passion for technology & my desire to share this knowledge so computing can enrich & improve your business. I build every Omerta handset & you not only buy a secure mobile phone but gain access to my experience since all my customers can contact me directly.